Product Guide

stage 1

Create Question Bank

Create question bank and add questions anytime, anywhere. Associate attributes to the questions, maximum 2 per question, to assess candidates inherent characteristics. Add as many tags to the questions to manage and categorise.

'Add as many questions in
the bank by clicking add next

Create Assessment

After adding all question into question bank, create Assessment buckets

Enter assessment name,
job title and hit 'CREATE'

stage 2

Add the candidates to


Upload multiple candidate using
excel file.

stage 3


Search questiton banks for a particular job role and add questions using tags to the questionnaire. Drag and drop questions to form a sequence and derive a narrative upon assessment.

stage 4

Review & Rate assessment

Collaborate with your team members, functional managers to rate the attributes on questions. Depending on the ratings, define your own metrics and take the decision.

stage 5

Interview scheduling

Send the available slots for interview with date and time, let the candidates pick a slot and the interview is scheduled with a notification on your dashboard

stage 6


Access Dashboard to check for status of different Assessment sent and the response on the same. You can get updates on dashboard

stage 4

Invite Team

Collaborate with the Managers of individual functions to assess candidates effectively and make collective decisions


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